Salafi oppression on paltalk

12:10 PM , Wednesday 6/13/2007,

A good brother in faith by the name Iman_Islam_Ihsan whom i’ve know from Yahoo invited me to a hardcore salafi room which was having a class. I responded and came into the room. The speaker who was conducting the “class” was quoting ad verbatim from the texts of Ibn Uthaimeen about issues pertaining to worship. I came in with respect for the people in the room and greeting them with the salam. Thence, I just sat in there like the quiet little wannabe sufi…somehow rather I got dotted in the process. I really don’t know what my fault was, but I can’t say I didn’t expect such a kind treatment from my wahabi brothers on paltalk when I enter their domains as a guest. Regardless, I do not think it was called for, my getting dotted. Anyway, below is an excerpt of what was said in the room :

abdullah salafy: yopu two sufis are dotted because you are sufi’s
Umm Abdir Rahman: Allaah ordered us as he said ” and the places of prostration (masajids) are for Allaah, so do not call Allaah with them”
abdullah salafy: and we dont want no trouble out of you

Such commendable character.

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